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We invite you to come and start the discovery of the most beautiful and pure area of Crete.
The diversity of Crete – a new world waiting to be discovered

Culture Crete

Crete is the birthplace of the first European civilization, the Minoan, which flourished between 3000 BC and 1200 BC mainly in Central and Eastern Crete.

Adventure Crete

Crete is a heaven for nature lovers and those combining adventure and fun on their vacation. The island offers a variety of activities and opportunities for exploring nature and promises a unique and unforgettable experience for those who decide to explore it.

Nature Crete

Nothing is repeated in Crete. Enormous geological contradictions and special weather conditions have formed unique landscapes, surprising the visitors and keeping senses constantly alert. Those contradictions favor the development of different ecosystems, significantly increasing the biodiversity of the island

Crete Nature

Crete is the ideal place to visit all year round. Its mild climate and its unique mountainous features attract visitors before and after the established touristy summer season. Crete’s stunning natural beauty awakens in visitors an imperative need to discover its mountains, its gorges, its paths.

Family Holidays Crete

Crete, with its natural beauty, its shallow waters and sandy coves, its accesible beaches, its theme parks, its culture and history, offers endless posibilities and is a perfect place for an unforgettable family holiday.

Enjoy Crete

Thousands of kilometres of coasts carved by the salt, the sun and the wind. Crystal waters exhausting the colour palette of blue and green. Steep mountains which rise abruptly above the sea – you will meet this scenery in all areas of Crete. Crete offers the ultimate combination of carefree holidays and natural beauty.

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