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Our Services

Private Party Planner

Private party planner​​

Looking to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, wedding or renewal vow ceremony? Look no further! Our party planner service is here to make your dream celebration a reality.​​

Private Tours

Private Tours / Yachts​​​

Experience the ultimate luxury and exclusivity with our private tours and cruises on the enchanting island of Crete. Create unforgettable memories with our bespoke private tours and cruises.​

Private Cook

Private cook​​​

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a private cook during your stay at our exquisite private rental villa. Sit back and relax as your private cook will elevate your dining experience to new heights​​



Enhance your wellness experience at our villas with our exclusive wellness service. Indulge in ultimate relaxation with private yoga sessions or rejuvenate your body with personalized massage services right in the comfort of your villa or apartment​

Car Rental

Car rental​​

Looking for reliable and affordable car rentals? Look no further! Our website is a one-stop destination for connecting you with local dealers offering outstanding rental car services at unbeatable prices​


Pre-Stocking services​​

Welcome to our pre-stocking services! Imagine the convenience of having your villa’s kitchen already stocked with your preferred breakfast items, snacks, and beverages upon your arrival. Simply provide us with a list of your favorites, and we’ll ensure they’re waiting for you. Take the hassle out of grocery shopping and start your holiday stress-free with our pre-stocking services.​​