Exploring Winter Treasures: Olive Harvest Season in Crete

Exploring Winter Treasures


As the summer holiday season fades away in Crete, a new chapter begins for the locals. Winter brings with it the exciting olive harvest season, where families come together to collect olives from their trees. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of olive oil in Crete and how this cherished tradition fosters social connections and fond memories.

The Golden Oil of Crete:

Crete is renowned for producing some of the finest olive oils in the world. The locals affectionately refer to it as the "golden oil." With a whopping 100 olive trees, it is a yearly tradition for us to harvest the fruit and extract fresh olive oil. The quality of our olive oil is unparalleled, and it plays an integral role in our daily routines and culinary traditions.

Social Bonding:

During the summer, everyone is caught up in their busy lives and often lacks the time for meaningful social interactions. However, winter presents the perfect opportunity for us to reconnect with our loved ones, neighbors, and best friends. The olive harvest season becomes a celebration of togetherness as we gather to collect olives from our trees. It is a time of joyous reunions, shared laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Building Community:

The olive harvest season not only strengthens familial bonds but also fosters a sense of community. The collective effort involved in gathering, processing, and milling the olives creates an environment where neighbors come together, supporting and celebrating each other's achievements. This cherished tradition nurtures friendships and cultivates a deep-rooted sense of belonging.

Enchanting Winter Activities:

While harvesting olives holds tremendous significance, winter in Crete offers a myriad of other enchanting activities as well. We take advantage of the milder climate by embarking on picturesque hikes, exploring the island's natural beauty, and indulging in hearty dinners filled with traditional Cretan delicacies. These moments spent in the company of loved ones, sharing stories and laughter, are treasured long after the season ends.

Anticipating Snowfall in Omalos:

Among the many winter delights in Crete, one in particular holds a special place in our hearts – the anticipation of snowfall in Omalos. Omalos, a mountainous region in Crete, transforms into a winter wonderland, with its picturesque landscapes enveloped in a soft, white blanket of snow. It is an eagerly awaited event that fills us with childlike excitement and offers opportunities for outdoor activities.


Crete's winter season is a time of gathering, celebration, and appreciating the bounties of nature. The olive harvest season allows us to strengthen familial and social bonds while reveling in the production of our treasured "golden oil." Moreover, the enchanting activities and the anticipation of snowfall in Omalos create an atmosphere of joy and togetherness that truly makes this the most beautiful time of the year.

Join us in our upcoming blogs as we dive deeper into the fascinating world of Kazani, traditional Cretan customs, and discover more winter treasures awaiting your exploration.


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