Getting Ready for a Wonderful Summer in Crete!

Getting Ready for a Wonderful

As the gentle winter in Crete comes to an end, we are excited to prepare our holiday houses for the upcoming season. With the temperatures averaging at pleasant 15° or more, we hardly had a winter this year, with just a touch of snow on the mountains.

While the soft winter was enjoyable, there may be concerns for the water supply in the summer months ahead. It is remarkable how the seasons seem to be shifting, with winters shortening and summers lengthening. However, we will embrace this change and adapt as needed.

As we approach the end of March and the beginning of April, our holiday houses will open for rental. Next week marks the start of our preparations, ensuring that everything is set for our guests to have a memorable stay in beautiful Crete.

The anticipation of welcoming tourists, hearing their stories, and meeting new people fills us with excitement. We look forward to embarking on new adventures together with our guests, creating unforgettable memories in this stunning island destination.


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